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Expert advice and varied cover across all kinds of business and for all sorts of different corporate risks. Commercial farms to industrial equipment, breakdowns to fire, financial bonds to public liability. We have decades of experience to offer the right cover for you.

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Our Business Insurance Services



This is designed to cater for all types of risk related to commercial farms.


All Risks

Accidental loss, damage or destruction from any cause, including fire, which is not specifically excluded. "All risks" means that any risk that the contract does not specifically omit is automatically covered.


Boiler and Pressure Vessel

Boilers and other pressure instruments can be insured on their own, to cover explosion and collapse. Boilers and pressure vessels are huge investments and can often form an integral part of any manufacturing or processing operation.



A bond is a contract executed under seal whereby the insurer agrees to protect the insured person or persons to pay to some other person or body a specified sum of money referred to as the penalty of the bond, if any of the conditions of the bond are not adhered to.



Loss or damage from a building entered by force or violent means, and also attempted entry. It provides a valuable cushion effect to any losses as a consequence of break-ins - especially relevant for Kenya where crime rates are particularly high.


Carrier Legal Liability

Covers cargo carriers and haulage companies against legal liability arising from their negligence that may have damaged property entrusted to the carrier for transport. The policy comes into force and only applies for the duration that the products for cargo are in the care of the cargo carrier.


Contractors All Risk (CAR)

Covers a contractor’s obligations on civil engineering construction work, right through the life of a project and beyond.

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Contractors Plant & Machinery

This insures the contractor’s plant and machinery when the plant and machinery are at work, at rest or during maintenance operations and is not limited to a specific construction site. The cover excludes all internal breakages. The Plant & Machinery are insured for a sum equivalent to the new replacement value at the time of making a claim.


Erection All Risks (EAR)

Covers the contractor ‘s machinery during the erection of the site. Individual EAR policies vary according to the type and length of project. The policy is intended to cover the contractor for his contractual obligations; this is the main difference from Contractor All Risk.


Electronic Equipment

Accidental loss of, or damage to, communication systems, electronic equipment, electrical equipment for medical use, lighting and various other types of electronic equipment used for commercial purposes. This policy can be customized to your individual requirements and based on the types of electronic equipment you have.


Fidelity Guarantee

Loss arising from fraud, dishonesty or theft by a company employee. This policy applies to both commercial as well as individual clients.

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Fire & Allied Perils

Indemnity for the insured against loss of, or damage to, their property caused by various perils. This product can be taken up individually or it can form part of your ‘All Risks’ policy. Fire is a common risk and one which needs to be taken seriously. We recommend this policy to all our clients.


Fire & Consequential Losses

Designed to cover the costs of expenses and overheads and loss of profits that occur as the result of a specific sets of risks. These can include Earthquake, Fire, Floods, Riot. This type of insurance policy can work hand in hand with many of our other business insurance policies but really complements the Fire and Allied perils insurance policy.


Goods in Transit

The loss or damage to goods can be the result of fire, theft or accident, and can allow for transportation by either rail or road. This type of policy normally has territorial limits like Kenya or East Africa.


Industrial All Risks

An all-inclusive policy designed for larger organizations with huge potential risks which need a more customized product. This is a comprehensive and popular insurance policy as it covers accidental damage, burglary, fire and fire consequential loss.


Machinery Breakdown (Loss of Profits)

Indemnifies the actual loss of gross profit sustained as a result of a business interruption caused by an accident covered under machinery insurance.

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Marine Insurance

Typically, this covers goods which are in transit via air or sea. This policy is highly recommended for traders whose goods cross international boundaries.


Money / Cash in Transit

This policy covers loss of cash from inside and outside insured premises from a variety of potential risks including fire, physical damage, robberies and theft. Infidelity of employees is not covered by this product.


Political Violence / Acts of Terrorism

Indemnifies the insured against physical loss or physical damage to buildings and contents.

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Public Liability

Covers legal liability to pay damages as a result of accidental bodily injury or accidental loss of or damage to property of the members of the public. This is a very important cover as it protects the insurer, usually a business entity owner, from heavy fines if asked to compensate members of public.


Stock Floater

An integrated policy that is specifically designed to cater the needs for clients that handle large volumes of moving stocks. This policy comprises cover for fire, burglary and transit risks of stocks. This is an all in one policy aimed to cover organizations with large volume of varying stocks.


Workmen’s Compensation

The Work Injury Benefits Act (or WIBA for short) is cover provided for bodily injury by accident or disease caused while the claimant was an employee of the insured (formerly known as Workman Compensation and Common Law cover). This policy protects employers (the insured) against liabilities that potentially arise through employment and that would commonly occur due to negligence on their part towards the welfare of their employees.

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