Travel Insurance

Personal and corporate cover for medical costs, flight cancellation, lost bags and more.

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We offer personal and corporate insurance to cover all your needs when travelling abroad for business or for pleasure. Policies will cover a range ofmedical costs, hospital bills, flight delays, lost baggage and accidental death. Policies vary depending on destination, traveller’s age, and the length of stay. In many countries valid travel insurance is obligatory for entry.

Key benefits:

Wide range of policy types

Cover for personal and business travel

Frequent traveller options

Student cover packages

Family and group cover available

Specific advice tailored to you

Our Travel Insurance Services


Personal Travel Insurance

Full cover includes emergency hospital bills, medical costs, flight cancellation, lost baggage and accidental death. Rates are determined by various factors including length of stay, the destination country and the individual’s age at departure. Policy options include cover for families, groups, frequent travellers and students.


Business Travel Insurance

Cover for unexpected costs that may arise when members of your company staff or Directors are travelling, including emergency hospital and medical costs, flight delays or trip cancellation, lost baggage and accidental death insurance. Many countries require travellers to purchase travel insurance, before allowing entry.

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